Clients come to us for help with problems big and small. Recently, we've put our heads together with teams from three major brands to help them overcome real-world issues and deliver tangible results. 


A simplicity revolution

Intel _ Support.png

Occasionally, a great service gets lost in the complexity of its implementation. Intel brought us in to streamline their customer and tech support site and put the user back at the center of its design. We overhauled the information architecture, user experience and visual design to simplify the end-to-end journey and improve navigation. New tech systems and platforms had to be integrated, usability research implemented and new brand guidelines executed. The result was an exercise in simplicity, delivering a clean experience and easy way to find solutions.



When time is money

Staples hadn't changed much on their website since they launched it as an extension of their print catalog in 2001. They had big plans to relaunch, but in the meantime their old site was costing them millions. So we kicked off a top-to-bottom study of the site and highlighted some key fixes. We redesigned the core purchase path, setting new guidelines for page design and product imagery. We jettisoned underused, but data-heavy features that were dragging load times, and overhauled the primary navigation. Our work resulted in a significant uptick in both conversions and per-visitor revenue.


winning without competing

The Affordable Care Act was a game-changer for many, including Luxottica's eye insurance brand. When their market shifted overnight from direct-to-employer to consumers, they approached us to help them navigate the transition. We devised a visual strategy to entice exchange users (who are traditionally under-engaged when it comes to vision care), and a microsite that would allow EyeMed to leverage their valuable advantages in an environment where they cannot compete on price. The site has outperformed all similar initiatives for the brand. 


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