Hi. we're jacks & stars.

Founded by three agency veterans, we’re a digital strategy and experience consultancy set up to cut away the fat of working with a traditional firm. We partner with businesses that need a fresh look at a complicated issue or want a deep-dive into delivering growth. We build our team around yours, complementing in-house talent, because no one knows a business like the people who live and breathe it every day.  

We work smarter and harder to deliver great work that solves complex problems and makes or saves our clients money.


London, Chicago, san Francisco, los Angeles, your office

Our flexible working structure lets us pick and choose from the best talent around the world. Alongside our core team, we draw from our arsenal of respected specialist partners to give your project what it needs. Each person who works on your project is committed from the get-go. They bring their A-game, honed over years of steering top digital brands. And not being tied down to one location means our people can be where and when your people need us.


bespoke, not boutique

We don't do small; we do streamlined. Our core team is distilled so the only people sitting in your conference room are the experts working on your project. Our people are geeks, wonks, trusted advisers and above all, great listeners, so you don't need an army to get the work done. We've foregone fancy offices and junior staff. Instead, we’ve got the best talent that money and connections can buy. 

With Jacks & Stars, you get what you pay for.